Accessories from ExpoSource

Make the most of your exhibiting opportunity and nail it with just the right accent piece, whether for function or style. 
If you don’t see what you need, just ask.  


FLOORING – we really like these interlocking floor tile packages, complete with edge trim. While the solid color EVA foam tiles are less expensive (also available ), these wood tone shades will last for years and welcome attendees to spend a while longer in your booth space – and the staff will love them, too!

Natural and “unnatural” wood colors.  See them all at and contact us – price is the same!

10’ x 10’ space - $295. 10’ x 20’ space - $575. Call for larger areas. We have a client with  a 30’ x 50’.
Permium solid color tiles are $195 for a 10' x 10' space 


Locking holders in black or white $129. Add a sign in the back starting at $69 extra.


Eight pockets



Black or silver



Black or silver



Black or silver


LITERATURE HOLDERS – the Roll Up mesh style will fit into almost any display bag or case, while the stylish metal units either fold down or ship as three-piece sectionals.