Baby Step Banner Stand: This retractable bannerstand is offered in three widths at a lower height than the popular SilverStep units, but, still offers an easy banner change out and the same popular deluxe carry case. Lifetime warranty on the hardware.


                                                Vinyl Print    Fabric Print    

33.5" wide x 74" tall................$289..............$319    

36" wide x 74" tall                 $299..............$329    

39.5" wide x 74" tall................$339..............N/A   

SilverWing Banner Stand: a stylish unit with a one-year warranty on the hardware, the SilverWing travels in the popular deluxe case. Offered in either a single or double sided unit, at two different heights. Banner change available at the factory.

                                                                          Vinyl Print    Fabric Print  
    Single Sided 33.5" wide x 92" tall...............$259...............$279
    Double Sided 33.5" wide x 80" tall..............$399...............$439


Pronto Banner Stand, bannerstand, tradeshow graphic, portable

L–Banner Stands: simple, old school banner stands get the job done quickly and easily. Lightweight hardware holds the banners straight and makes them easy to change. Your choice of fabric or vinyl printed banner, fits into a core tube style case. One-year warranty on hardware.


36" Wide x 83.5” L-Banner with Vinyl Print   $179

36" Wide x 83.5” L-Banner with Fabric Print  $239


Curved L–Banner Stand Set: the classic L-Banner with a slight twist, or, rather a curve to the top and bottom bars invite attention. Fabric banners are easy to change. Each of the three banners in the set is 31.5" x 80" tall. Magnets on the side of the frames align the banners into a 94" wide x 80" tall curved display. Comes in a single carry bag.


Three-Piece Set         $579

L–Banners carry a one-year hardware warranty

bannerstand tradeshow display

For over 20 years, ExpoSource has been north Florida’s top source for banner stands and displays. We offer a wide range of banner stands to fit both your marketing needs and your budget. We have retractable and telescopic banner stands that can be double or single sided. They can be stacked next to one another to fill a typical 10’ tradeshow display booth.

bannerstand, banner stand, portable graphic
bannerstand, banner stand, tradeshow, graphic

All above units are priced with ready-to-print, client supplied graphic files prepared according to our graphic submission specifications — no other art charges will be added unless  design composition is needed.


REPLACEMENT GRAPHICS are available at an additional cost. LIGHTS for your bannerstand are available starting at $50. Have you seen another style or size of bannerstand that you like? We have others available, please contact ExpoSource for more information.